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About Olenik

A bit about the group of companies Olenik

Olenik is one of the leading companies in the fields of civil engineering , construction and development , as well as waste recycling industry The company ‘s unique experience in performing complex projects and large-scale civil engineering , strict adherence to the highest standards in project management , compliance with deadlines and within budget , and preserving the quality and nature of the building are some of the hallmarks of the oldest .

The company also offers unique advantages in the form of access and the ratio of ” family ” , stemming from a family owned and operated for decades of widespread activity . Every employee and contractor joins the company has been carefully selected to carry on the family name and continue the tradition and reputation of professionalism , fairness and partnership that gives added value to the customer .

The company cooperates with engineering firms , suppliers of mechanical and engineering and contractors with special expertise.

Leading projects Olenik

img מדרון יפו פרוייקט מידרון יפו הינו פרוייקט מיחזור פסולת הגדול ביותר שנעשה במדינת ישראל. ייחודו של פרוייקט מידרון יפו הינו מיחזור פסולת בהיקפים ת כ-1000000 מ"ק של מיחזור פסולת אשר כללה גריסה וניפוי. רוב החומר הממוחזר הועמס על גבי משאיות וסופק לפרויקטים שונים ברחבי הארץ כגון: ...
img Stones collection project Olenik won the bid extensive compilation of works of Ibn north of the country. Thanks to a wide array of human resources, power engineering, trucks and tractors and bulldozers are among the largest in the country, mainly due to Being a leader in the field, Olenik many different capacities in projects of this type. Another growing recently approved by the Customer which significantly increases the scope of the project. This complex projects that require skill, professionalism, ...
img Project “Omar interchange” Route 60 This interchange of the "diamond" is built with ups and downs from the main road that will be the Third entrance to Omar. The interchange will serve the residents  and should allow drive to the park. Upon completion of the construction of the interchange and Omar settlement construction will be three entrances to the south, north and west. Project Authority provided a senior staff member Olenik, many Heavy equipment so as to meet Industry and comprehensive without a traffic light. The ...
img Separating maisonettes project Infrastructure project of national importance. The northern part of Route 38, between Beit Shemesh and Sha'ar Hagai interchange on Route 1, going through upgrade And expansion to improve its safety and increase its capacity, allowing even the construction of thousands New housing units in Beit Shemesh. The overall scope of the project is 850 million. The works in the project are complex engineering perspective, including grade separations between the road Railway line and access ...
img Entrepreneurship & Construction Olenik carries out dozens of entrepreneurship and construction projects throughout Israel via subsidiaries in the area of construction and real estate. The company’s projects vary from building commercial centers to condominiums, including compounds located near major traffic routes such as Olenik-Center in Emek Hefer Industrial Park. פיתוח ותשתיות הקמת גשרים הריסת מבנים עבודות עפר ...
img Ashdod port Area inlet port of Ashdod Text text text beautiful kankan Rmn'rank / aen Rmn'kran'rmn Ratim                      

Professional and comprehensive service

Olenik professionals rely on access to the entrepreneurial spirit, cooperation and a deep commitment to customer service in order to provide optimal solutions for each client’s own purposes. To this end, the company integrates personnel for engineering superior-skilled, high technical expertise and a large fleet of tractors and bulldozers, trucks and special equipment, including, among others, carts to transport heavy engineering equipment, pallets of 12 m, and equipment quarries such as districts, crushers and machinery drilling. Olenik employees’ commitment is to meeting the professional, comprehensive, and accessible from feasibility studies through preliminary design, detailed design, management, construction, procurement, installation of equipment, coordinating and completing the project and its delivery, ready, to the customer.