Construction Waste Recycling

מדרון יפו 407 נוף מדרון יפו
מדרון יפו
פרוייקט מידרון יפו הינו פרוייקט מיחזור פסולת הגדול ביותר שנעשה במדינת ישראל. ייחודו של פרוייקט מידרון יפו הינו מיחזור פסולת בהיקפים ת כ-1000000 מ"ק של מיחזור ...
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Stones collection project
Olenik won the bid extensive compilation of works of Ibn north of the country. Thanks to a wide array of human resources, power engineering, trucks and tractors and bulldozers are among the largest in the country, mainly due to Being a leader in the field, Olenik many different capacities in ...
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Recycling waste Caesarea
Recycling waste Caesarea Landfill Restoration Project Caesarea is a challenging and important project that was to the highest standards and compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency , During the project, 110,000 cubic meters of treated approximately 170,000 tonnes are ...
Rahat waste recycling
Rahat waste recycling Project Utilization of Rahat is Frokit giant which included Processing and Utilization of 200,000 cubic meters of debris that had accumulated over the years the site . This site has become over the years the center of waste disposal from many sources . Our ...
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