Rehabilitation of coastal land (Apolonia) – for The Environmental Services Company Ltd.

The Nof Yam site, known as Apolonia, is the name of a national park, located near the city of Herzliya. The Nof Yam IMI plant previously operated at the site. The entire compound served as a refinery, wastewater pool, and waste, and, inter alia, manufactured weapons, explosives and gunpowder.

Pesticides, acids, metals, fuels and waste are only some of the contaminants found in the soil identified by the survey conducted.

Olenik won the tender to perform the rehabilitation works of the entire site as part of a contract with the Environmental Services Company.

Due to the refusal of local officials and the planning disputes, implementation of the project has been delayed.

Upon receipt of the permit, Olenik will begin performing the works to fully rehabilitate the site.