Removal of contaminated soil – Ramat Hasharon IMI Malbins. For Netzer Hasharon.

At the Hasharon IMI facility, there are five areas (Malbins) in which pits were dug that were used to bury manufacturing waste.

Because the exact location of the burial pits is unknown, the first stage of the project will require work to locate them.

Due to its extensive experience and professional expertise of its employees as well as technological instruments it owns, Olenik was selected to perform the project that was defined as a ‘pilot’ project.

As part of the project, Olenik located, mapped, excavated, characterized and removed burial pits in the bleach Malbins in a safest and most environmentally-friendly manner as possible.

All piles of waste that were dug from the area of the burial pit were covered with HDPE tarp and anchored at the edges of the pile to prevent exposure to air or rain.