Rehabilitation of the Netanya Waste Site (Netanya WS)

One of the most beautiful coastlines in Israel, in the southern section of the city of Netanya, and adjacent to the kurkar cliff, is a 200-dunam waste site.

The Netanya Municipality previously used this site as a dump site for home waste, building waste, industrial waste and pruning.

The site area is slated for an approved municipal building plan for the construction of two residential facilities, hotels, commercial space and beach, and due to the current condition, cannot be implemented.

The Ministry of the Environment launched a waste removal plan, addressing the complexity of the project.

The many hazards involved in removal work at the site were examined, such as odor, dust hazards, as a result of vehicular traffic and earthwork, danger of explosions and fires due to high concentration of gases, collapse of the kurkar cliff that is largely hidden by the waste site, etc. 

Olenik played in integral part of the work for the removal and recycling of the material from the site, while adopting the necessary measures to ensure environmental safety and the complexity of the project.

Olenik performed mining, separation and sorting of waste, including shredding and secondary sifting, transport and burial of materials at authorized end sites.