Performance of the rehabilitation works at the Atlit Ridge for The Environmental Services Company Ltd.

The Atlit Ridge is located approximately 15km south of Haifa, near the Karta Ruins reserve and east of Atlit Castle National park are three known contamination sites. The Permot factory site for vaccinating trees (and the adjacent tree drying area), a waste site and a former military camp.

In these facilities, land surveys were conduced by environmental companies. Drillings unequivocally revealed that the site is contaminated and that full rehabilitation is required.

According to the tests, the contaminants in the soil included heavy metals such as arsenic and / or chromium 3 values, fuel components and aromatic hydrocarbon compounds of arsenic, chromium (chromate), lead, copper, zinc and TPH.

As part of the project, Olenik has performed rehabilitation in several areas on the site. The Permot factory building, hardwood columns, and soil that was found to be contaminated around the factory as a result of its activity.

Olenik removed 40,000 tons in total.