“Sderat Hatzanchanim”

 “Don’t call your sons but your builders”
Memorial Heritage Trail at the Mahaneh 21 site – Paratroopers inaugurated by Olenik.

The site was inaugurated in memory of the late Eliezer Olenik z”l, founder of Olenik Company, who is credited with building the country.
Eliezer Olenik spent a significant percentage of his adult life as a soldier in several militaries fighting in some of the most difficult battles of the previous century, the battle of light against darkness in Europe, and later in the Hebrew military in Eretz Israel.
Eliezer managed to establish an earthworks company, which was later taken over by his sons, David and Doron Olenik, who run the company based on core Zionist values, love of fellow man and a sense of giving that was instilled in them by their father.