Contaminated land in Israel has grown rapidly in Israel in recent years, with the number of types of pollutants in the soil known such as flammables, metals, acids and oils.

Testing conducted by the Ministry of the Environment revealed that Israel has tens of thousands of sites with potential contaminated soil, as a result of past and current activity, in the industrial, commercial and defense industry sectors, on military basis, oil farms, waste burial, refineries, etc.

Due to natural growth of the population and the large increase in demand for apartments and residential homes, Israel is working to convert these sites for residential buildings for Israelis. 

Land contaminated with hazardous materials has the potential to inflict a severe environmental and health impact, including contamination of water sources (up to banning of drinking water), harm to underground water, air pollution in underground buildings, ecological damage to plants and agricultural crops.

Olenik specializes in treating contaminated land and its removal to end sites that are authorized by the Ministry of the Environment for this purpose.

The special heavy machinery, a large fleet of trucks owned by our company, allows us to transport the contaminated land to the end sites, in accordance with the provisions of the law and its regulations.

Our company also holds a poisons license to transport hazardous materials in accordance with Ministry of the Environment directives.