The State of Israel is developing at a dizzying pace, with natural growth, construction and infrastructure gaining momentum. Israel suffers from a severe shortage of raw materials for construction and paving – particularly aggregate material, which is most of the material mined in Israel.

The use of raw materials recycled from building waste has tremendous potential, as the savings generated by use of recycled raw material will also reduce the cost of treatment of various hazards attributed to building waste, and will also enable the State of Israel to formulate a long-term plan for its natural quarry reserves, with reference to future generations. Olenik has mobile systems, one of the most advanced in the world, for crushing, sifting and recycling waste, high quality and in compliance with all standards.

Olenik has inked deals to carry out what is defined as “the largest recycling project in the Middle East” – the rehabilitation of the Jaffa slope. As part of the plan to rebuild the Jaffa slope and transform it into a huge park, Olenik was required to recycle and clear building debris from the Jaffa Slope site, where building debris had been stacked on the coastline for decades. This building waste recycling project, which was carried out between 2008-2006, is the largest ever performed in the State of Israel with a total of about 1 million cubic meters (!!!) of building waste mixed with dirt being recycled. The waste that was shredded and sifted, was later supplied as raw material for various infrastructure works across the country, particularly for the construction of interchanges for roads and trains.