What is asbestos?

Asbestos is the overall name given to a group of fibrous, microscopic minerals known for their unique properties, longevity, resistance and strength. Asbestos is insoluble in water, resistant to fire, heat, corrosion, resulting in it remaining in the air and in the soil. 

In 2011, the Prevention of Hazards from Asbestos and Harmful Dust Law, 5771-2011 went into effect. Asbestos is defined as a harmful dust, as hazardous material and as an air pollutant. According to the provisions of Israeli law. Similar to other Western countries, the manufacturing, import, trade and any new use of asbestos or asbestos waste is strictly prohibited.

Asbestos dust is attributed to a lengthy list of lung diseases including cancer, due to the inhalation of tiny dust particles into the lungs.