Olenik possesses half a fleet of trucks made available to serve all customers. The Olenik Group also specializes in land transport services in Israel from ports, transport of hazardous materials and quarries.

As one of the leading transport companies in the country, due to its state-of-the-art fleet of trucks, including lorry trucks, heavy machinery carrier and support tows, Olenik can work anywhere in the country and is logistically ready to perform work at any given moment and under any field conditions. Olenik’s transport system provides a response to every need, type and cargo, from simple transport of containers and quarries to hazardous materials (HBS). Due to its extensive knowledge and projects, Olenik employs subcontractors, allowing it to simultaneously provide full service to several centers and comply with the timetables. With an emphasis on safety, Olenik relies on the complete guidelines issued by a traffic safety officer, who complies with all the required safety instructions in the law, while providing periodic training by the company.