Israel is home to more than a few sites that are sources of pollution, some of which is attributed to industry and factories and some to the use of contaminating hazardous materials that had once been used in construction and infrastructures.
Israel, for example, is home to entire sites of polluted land that have been declared hazardous, and that might endanger public health and the environment.
Polluted land poses a potential health and environmental risk in several ways. The digestive tract might be harmed by drinking polluted water and/or eating fruits and/or vegetables that were grown in polluted soil or the respiratory tract and skin, by breathing in vapors of hazardous materials and/or coming into direct contact with the soil.
With its cutting-edge technologies and expertise of its professionals on the environment, Olenik offers solutions to treat these sources of pollution, in organized work processes, from identifying suspected sites of pollution, by conducting historical survey and land survey, to rehabilitating the site.
Furthermore, the Company’s Development Department has adapted itself to the new era of the ‘green environment’, advancing projects that focus on green, solar and environmentally-friendly energy.
Olenik considers environmental development critically important, and invests a vast amount of resources towards integrating environmental processes.