Rehabilitation of soil polluted with asbestos at the Israel Railways station North Industrial Zone

In the Boymel neighborhood area, Achziv in Nahariya, there is soil contaminated with asbestos, a reminder of Eitanit, the only factory in Israel that manufactured asbestos.

Israel Railways and the Ministry of the Environment initiated the asbestos removal work, with Olenik being selected to perform the asbestos removal.

The project involved excavation, collection, packing, transport and burial of the friable asbestos-polluted soil, at the authorized Efa dump site, with monitoring of environmental and occupational air, fencing and signs in the work area.

For the project, Olenik used all of its technologies, special human capital, including certified safety officers, to perform the complex work of the project.

Due to its extensive experience and professional capabilities of our people, the project is being meticulously managed with adoption of all instructions in the permit issued by the Ministry of the Environment.