Earthworks and recycled materials in the Jaffa Slope – for Ezra ve Bazron Ltd.

The largest recycling project in the Middle East. The Jaffa Slope Park has become an environmental jewel.

Many years ago, the site was used as a dump site for building waste, wastewater, resulting in the site experiencing fires and mudslides of piles of waste that slid onto the coastline that began to dry out.

As a result of massive public protests that resulted in Supreme Court intervention, the Tel-Aviv Municipality closed the waste site down.

Recycling in Israel is still in its infancy. Olenik has generated innovative standards in the project for waste recycling, essentially recycling over 1 million tons of waste.

Due to the proximity to the sea and due to the historical sensitivity of the site, implementation of this project was extremely complex. Due to the extensive experience of Olenik and its professionals, the project was successfully completed.

The project won numerous accolades and today, the environmental hazard has become an environmental success as well as a spacious green park that includes a pedestrian promenade along the coastline that is used for various family activities.