Construction of the maritime barrier on the Gaza Strip border


Ministry of Defense

Project management company


approximately NIS 15,000,000

Olenik in Security!

As part of the lessons learned, the State of Israel and the Department of Construction in the Ministry of Defense decided to build a new maritime barrier to address the security threat. The breakwater is designed to withstand sea conditions and serve the defense system for many years.

As part of the project, Olenik is collecting and transporting suitable stones to Zikim on the Gaza Strip border and placing them in the water for the purpose of building the maritime barrier.

Performing the complex work on the project requires a great deal of skill and for this purpose a dedicated professional team was established, who were, along with the company and its experience as well as the organic transport system, is responsible for Olenik completing the project to the customer’s satisfaction.

It should be noted that this is a unique barrier of its kind in the world and Olenik is proud to lead its establishment for the security of Israeli citizens.